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Using your data

Shelter’s digital framework adheres to the charity’s Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


We are committed to protecting your data and privacy, and pride ourselves on taking great care to ensure it stays completely safe.

Through our advice, support and legal services, we collect and process personal data about the people who interact with us. We only collect the bare minimum we need to offer those services and do our work to support people and help end the housing emergency.

We promise we’ll never share or sell your personal data to a third-party organisation for marketing, fundraising or campaigning purposes.

Read Shelter’s full Privacy Policy


We use cookies to collect browser data when you visit our website. We don’t use cookies to identify users personally. We only store information that you've specifically given us permission to store.

Our websites use a small number of cookies to give us a better overall picture of how people interact with the sites, and how we can improve our services for our clients and supporters. The information we gather through this process is completely anonymous, and we cannot identify visitors to our site.

Read Shelter’s full Cookies Policy

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