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Shelter's Digital Framework

The principles, practices, and guidance to drive modern digital at Shelter. Use the topics sections below or use search to find what you need.


What's new

With release 4 from June 2022, the digital framework focuses on content operations: what they are, why they’re important, how we’ve built them, and the elements that drive good content ops.

The basics: setting the scene

How can Shelter use digital to fulfil its strategy, improve peoples' lives, meet the growing expectations of web users? Our digital framework sets out how.

How our teams work

Shelter’s working principles, our tiered model for devolving digital work, and our lifecycle for continually producing services and products that meet our users' needs.

Encouraging collaboration

Shelter has a range of mechanisms to drive collaboration: Communities of Practice, content ownerships roles, and ways of working with partners.


A range of content knowledge: our house style, accessibility guides, video production guides, guide to SEO and more.

Shelter's digital glossary

Knowing the language is valuable in digital working. Shelter’s digital glossary helps everyone get the same page.

Digital Framework release plan

Shelter’s digital framework, our hub of digital knowledge, is being released in 3 phases.

Using your data

Shelter’s digital framework adheres to the charity’s privacy and cookies policies

Reusing our content

Shelter’s digital framework is copyrighted to Shelter. The framework content is freely available to use under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International


27 June 2022: Content operations - the hidden superpower of digital delivery

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