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Planning at all levels

Our digital planning takes different forms depending on where in the digital lifecycle it occurs. At each level, the connection to our organisational strategy is clear and kept front-of-mind. Establishing and maintaining that ultimate-goal focus gives us a range of benefits in our planning.

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Section pages

Future vision and business planning

Where should we commit our time, resources and thinking in order to make the greatest difference? How do we capture, generate, assess and validate new ideas and genuine opportunities?

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The product planning approach

This page touches on the core planning stages of roadmapping, release planning and sprint planning, and explains the roles research and data play at each level.

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A product or service team’s roadmap is an essential visual tool for planning a range of work, ensuring that it targets agreed goals.

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Release planning

A standard part of Agile ways of working, release planning allows us to deliver a product in small, focussed stages. This means we can change and adapt the product based on feedback we gather as we release features or changes.

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Contact us about the digital framework

Have a question or comment? Found a bug? Or maybe you’d like to contribute to the framework? Use our contact form to get in touch.

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