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How our teams work

Consistent quality is the result of people knowing what it looks like and how to achieve it. But quality also comes from culture - empowering teams with ways of working that make decisions easier and delivery more efficient.

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An introduction to our principles, guidelines and standards

In devolving content publishing, teams will be able to use Shelter’s agreed tools for protecting quality and building collaboration.
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Our working principles

Core fundamentals to inform how we work, to help people make good decisions, empower teams, and reduce onerous processes. 
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A tiered approach to devolution

We have three tiers of work covering different levels of uncertainty, from everyday edits, to new versions of things we’ve done before, to complex design and development.
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Our content operations

Content ops are the people, platforms and processes for making content that meets the needs our users and of Shelter’s strategy, consistently and at scale.
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The digital lifecycle

3 phases of a cycle give us a sustainable mechanism for creating and running live products and services, and learning from them to inform future vision and business planning.
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Planning at all levels

At each level of our digital planning, we keep Shelter’s organisational strategy front-of-mind. Establishing and maintaining that focus gives us a range of benefits in planning, aligning, budgeting, resourcing and prioritising.
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Contact us about the digital framework

Have a question or comment? Found a bug? Or maybe you’d like to contribute to the framework? Use our contact form to get in touch.

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