A house style is the way an organisation sets out its written communications. It shows you all the conventions we use for spelling, grammar, and style. You should apply this for any copy you write for Shelter, across our digital channels.

Why should I use it?

As there are so many different rules and exceptions in the English language, we use our house style to remain consistent, clear, and professional. Inconsistencies can reduce trust in our brand and can be confusing. It also helps us present as a modern organisation.

Lastly, we want to be inclusive with all our communications. Some of our conventions are designed to ensure users who are visually impaired or have conditions like dyslexia can access our content just as any other user could.

You can browse our house style using the menu below or to the left, but if you can’t find what you need - or just have questions in general, please email editorialallusers@shelter.org.uk

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