(This is a long discription of the infographic on our digital governance page.)

Shelter’s digital governance: A golden thread of strategic connection

The graphic shows how our digital governance ensures that the charity’s high-level objectives are reflected in every piece of digital work.

Shelter’s 3-year strategy:

  • Contains our vision, purpose, and high level goals

Digital Leadership Group (DLG):

  • Articulates the strategy into product and service visions

  • Oversees performance

  • Aligns planning across the organisation

Business owners: (Who are also members of the DLG)

  • Give clearly-defined goals to their teams

  • Make approvals based on strategic intent

Product managers:

  • Take strategic direction from business owners and DLG

  • Goal-oriented roadmapping

  • Define problems to be solved

  • Plan approach, resource, and technology

Product teams: (Product and service teams as well as devolved self-publishing teams)

  • Keep strategic focus via roadmaps and goal statements

  • Research, design, and development

  • Testing unknowns

  • Scaling and deployment

Content managers and service owners:

  • Take strategic direction from their business owners

  • Maintaining, measuring, and optimising

  • Monitoring, analysing, and reporting

Executive Leadership Team (ELT):

  • DLG escalates issues to them:

    • Risks

    • Competing priorities they haven’t resolved themselves

Shelter’s digital governance

How we plan at all levels

What goes into understanding our audiences

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