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Our content operations

In the last decade, organisations have grown their digital muscles by implementing Agile development, product management models of working, highly-skilled UX teams, and content design methods that put the user squarely at the centre of what they do.

At Shelter, we’ve realised there’s another major plank we need to be digitally successful: effective content operations. Content ops are the people, platforms and processes that allow us to drive content quality, overcome silos, continually improve, and, vitally, help us launch great content, products and services more efficiently - which any professional charity should aspire to.

Content operations have one more potent benefit: Done well, they scale well. We’ve committed to putting in place the elements of strong content ops - such as the principles and models of content governance - so that when they’re a well-oiled machine, we can apply them more widely.

We invite you to read about Shelter’s content operations.

What are content operations and why are they important?

If strategies define what content gets made, content operations focus on how it gets made, creating the optimal conditions for great content.
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Content governance

We’ve put in place clear standards and guidelines that define quality, efficient workflows, and the oversight of planning and performance.
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The lifecycle of a piece of content

We’ve established a content lifecycle covering five phases which ensure high quality but also generate continual improvement.
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How we decide what to do and what not to do

To help make the best content decisions today, we use a series of focussing questions. To help us build capabilties for the future, we’ve written clear goals for our content ops.
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Content and user journeys

For visitors to our websites, our content is a major factor in whether we meet their needs. So we always start our content planning by considering the user journey.
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Retiring content and how to do it right

Overgrown websites with out-of-date, inaccurate or duplicated content extract a heavy cost on an organisation. Here’s how we manage it.
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