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Commissioning a Shelter video

Producing video content is high risk, high reward. Done well, it can inspire and motivate people, be memorable and be shared widely. Done poorly, it can discourage people from engaging with us, and even harm our brand’s reputation. Not to mention waste precious time and money.

Like most things, the key to doing video well is in proper planning. Shelter has a small team of highly skilled filmmakers who rely on quarterly planning to vet, prepare, produce and post-produce videos that make a real difference.

If you’re commissioning a video using Shelter’s video team or external filmmakers, please read our process (below) for producing quality videos that meet our standards.

The process

  1. Briefing - If you have one or more videos your team needs produced, please complete and submit Shelter’s video brief. You can download it below. Once you’ve completed it, use our video request form to submit it no later than three weeks before the end of each calendar quarter, to be produced in the following quarter.


2. Triaging - Depending on your idea, the video team may organise a meeting with you to go through your brief.

3. Sizing and prioritising - The team will assess several criteria (including the tiers for how work is devolved) in deciding when or if your video should be produced. Please note, we may not have the capacity to produce every video requested as part of this process. In the event your project isn’t prioritised, we’d be happy to recommend an appropriate freelancer from our approved list.

4A. In-house pre-production, production, post-production (editing including sound, colour enhancements and more). We have a range of production tools, such as a risk assessment form, call sheet and storyboard templates and more on our Essential documents page.

4B. External productions - Consulting with agencies and producers for quality alignment, ensuring standards and guidelines are followed, and supporting the commissioning process.

NOTE: For both internal and external projects, Shelter’s video team will protect our standards and guidelines. These include brand and house style, video quality, accessibility, usability, and more.

5. Delivery and distribution - delivering video files in the agreed ratios and formats, to be shared as part of your marketing and social media plan.

NOTE: In addition to supplying the main video file, please ask the production company or freelancer to also supply a full-resolution (lossless) version, with separated audio channels and without subtitles, for repurposing in the future and for Shelter’s archive.

6. Performance and measurement - Based on the success metrics outlined in your brief, such as audience engagement and conversion figures, you’ll measure and evaluate how the video performed. We encourage producers and video commissioners to organise washups and project appraisals.

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