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Essential production documents

If you’re producing or commissioning a video for Shelter, you’ll need these documents.

These downloads are the documents you'll need in producing your video.

Each facilitates a special aspect of your production - getting media releases from people in your video, running a risk assessment, or completing a call sheet for your cast and crew. Refer to the video guides for more information.

File Modified

PDF File Covid19 shoot guidelines_July 2021.pdf

Jul 05, 2021

PDF File Covid19 health statement_June 2021.pdf

Jul 05, 2021

Microsoft Word Document Risk_assessment_2021.docx

Jul 05, 2021

PDF File Media release form_2021.pdf

Jul 05, 2021

Microsoft Word Document Shelter video call sheet_2021.docx

Jul 06, 2021

Microsoft Word Document Storyboard Template_12-Panel_Landscape.docx

Jul 06, 2021

Microsoft Word Document Storyboard Template_3-Panel_Portrait.docx

Jul 06, 2021

Other video guides

Filming basics, a practical guide

This introductory guide covers the filming process and some practical self-shooting techniques to help you get started. 
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Video captioning

All video produced for Shelter’s channels must have captions (subtitles). This guide takes you through the checklist and specs.
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Video supers

Supers are titles, text, or graphics added to video. They can add value for viewers, but should be used sparingly and only if necessary.
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Case study videos

This guide will help filmmakers and partners produce stories in Shelter’s style of observational and participatory documentary videos.
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How to commission a video

If you’re commissioning a video using Shelter’s video team or external filmmakers, this guide is essential reading before you get started.
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Read our other content guides

Our digital glossary demystifies a range of digital phrases and roles.

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